Friday, January 20, 2012

Fire Glass in My Fire Place

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! A couple months ago, I saw fireglass at a hearth and home store.  Here's my blog about that.  And now I have it!!! :)
I think fire glass is a unique way to dress up your fireplace, and I rarely see it anywhere other than outdoor firepits--so I'm very excited to have it in my home now!!  Here is what the fireplace looked like before:
Ugly brick surround, huh?  YEP, that's gotta go.  Working on that project now!

Santa Claus brought me the mechanism and glass to pimp out my current fire place and make it magical -- with fire glass!!!

I love it.

Jer prepped the fireplace and installed it all.  I would recommend consulting a professional before doing this, if you choose to do it at your own house!!!  To prep for it, he did the following:

- Removed the gas logs mechanism and accessories, including the gas burner.
- Scrubbed the interior of the brick with a wire brush to remove any dirt and debris that had accumulated over the years.  I then vacuumed up any debris from the walls and the ground of the fireplace.

- Then he taped off the perimeter of the fireplace and applied a coat of primer on the interior.
- After allowing that to dry, he applied a coat of Rustoleum High Heat; allowed it to dry for two hours and applied a second coat, letting it dry overnight.
You can find this at any home improvement store-- Lowe's & Home Depot, etc.

- The following day, he installed the 18" burner, connecting the gas line to the burner with a flex line.
- He then tested the light burner.

- We then poured 65 pounds of fire glass overtop of the burner, making sure that the floor and the burner were both completely covered.

And then voila!  You're ready to light your fire!
I even made a short video for a more realistic effect. :)
Now I've got to figure out how to change out the brick surrounding the fireplace -- it is UG-LY.  I'm mulling over several options:

A) painting the brick
B) covering the brick with marble, granite, or some other stone....
C) covering the brick with large tiles
D) whatever else I find while doing my research online and talking to pro's

Here are a few ideas I've found online...

I like the idea of building up the hearth with the painted brick look.
So anyway, these are just a few that I've found... I'm still looking into all the options right now. Would love to hear your feedback and ideas too!  If you ever need recommendations for vendors, suppliers or installers for any of your home projects... please let me know! I'm happy to help. :)


Katherine said...

poo looks fancy!! i like the surround in the very last pick. the glass tile. would be pretty! could you must install it over the brick?!

Anonymous said...

There is not much that is classier looking than painted brick. However, the glass tiles look good. One time, I had my contractor install slabs of black granite over a fireplace and it looked good, too.

Chelsea said...

Oh my goodness I love the exterior of the last one! You are so creative, looks awesome! Miss you.

RealDanaGentry said...

Looks so good!!!! Love it!

jaimeson said...

I really like the white painted brick or the very last photo... Any of the options are good though.

meghan said...

Wow - that is GREAT! Love love.

megs [at] Shine On

abbylaub said...

Very cool! I like the last one and the third to last one best. :)

fireplace design said...

Fire glass looks great, like a fire in the snow.