Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Blessings

I just stopped by my house to grab a quick bite of lunch and this was waiting for me in the kitchen. 
The sweetest surprise.  With the sweetest card.  I know Valentine's Day is a "made up holiday" and a "corporate marketing scheme", but WHY NOT take a moment to celebrate the people we love? 

The past year has been a tremendous one full of new career opportunities, new friendships, a new house and tons of new blessings.  It's kind of overwhelming when I think of how amazing the past year truly has been.  And I feel so incredibly blessed to be this loved...

By my boyfriend...
 By my family...

Sister & Dad

And by my terrific best friends

Vitale, Mary Allison, Manda, Laci, Rush
Josh & Kasi
Chrissy & Meghan

I seriously have the greatest support system anyone could ever ask for.  And I truly feel way more blessed than I deserve. 

Thank you all for being my Valentines... you know who you are.

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