Friday, February 18, 2011

Time to get serious folks!

With all this cooking and home renovating... on top of the gloomy, cold, dark weather... I've really fallen off the good health wagon.  I've been eating unhealthy foods and not exercising regularly... which we all know is an great equation for a big giant diet disaster. 

I've been feeling tired and sluggish lately from my unhealthy activities... go figure??  So yesterday I started refocusing my energies on maintaining a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise.  The warmer weather we've had for the last couple of days is definitely a motivator too!  And bathing suit weather is right around the corner!!!!!!!!!!

Don't worry, I'm still going to be posting recipes... but they're going to be healthier, lower calories recipes. 

It's still NOM...

...just NOM on a diet. :)

Ok, so with that said... I'm heading to Pure Barre now to Lift, Burn, Tone!

How do you get motivated to stay healthy during the winter months??


Chelsea said...

I usually cook. every. single. night! And I've fallen off the cooking wagon this week! I've made 1 microwave meal and mac and cheese one night. and I felt terrible about it. I've been on a vitamin kick recently and it's boosts my energy a ton! :)

Home and Nom said...

VITAMINS are something that I always buy and never take. I have no idea why... thanks for your comment... I'm going to go take a multi right now! :)